Citreon Cloverleaf Cutie

Citreon Cloverleaf Cutie
I purchased the photograph of this cutie from a seller off TradeMe. It turned out not to be a true photographic print, but rather an old, very grainy printing-press print on semi-gloss paper. This caused some issues on scanning as it resulted in a rather strong moiré effect, To eliminate this, I reduced the size of the image to decrease the 
spacing around the dots and then added some diffusing and blurring to smooth the image and blend the dots together.

After that, it was a fairly simple restoration job to remove the spo

ts and scratches, and to correct the colour cast back to black and white. I then went on to colour it. Around two hours' work to do the restoration and around four to do the colouring.
The seller said he believed the car to be either a Citreon Cloverleaf or Peugeot Bebe. I did some further research and narrowed it down to a 1922 Citreon C3 Cloverleaf Tourer.
Though she may be long gone, her memory was caught in this single image and with a little bit of digital magic, she lives on. What a darling automobile. My father would have loved this image. He worked as a motor mechanic as a young man and had a real soft spot for cars of this era. That love of old (and new) vehicles of all shapes and sizes rubbed off onto me.

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