Golden Anniversary

Golden Anniversary
To mark my parents' 50th wedding anniversary I colourised one of their wedding photos. Sadly they are both passed on now and I wish they were still here for me to give it to them and to see their reaction at seeing their wedding memory in colour again. They had so few wedding photos and those they had professionally done were in black and white as it was much cheaper in those days.
When I was sorting through my father's huge collection of slides, I came across 11 colour slides of their wedding party arriving at the church which must have been taken by a friend and so I was able to use the right colours for my mother's bouquet and hair that was dyed light brown at the time. As for the curtain and carpet go, I don't know what the actual colours were, but it was the '70s so I couldn't go wrong with a mustard yellow.
All in all this took around five hours to complete.

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