This image proved to be very challenging. Firstly my scanner didn't recognise it as a slide and scanning it as a photo created a blurry image. So I ended up putting the slide on my light table and then photographing the image with my camera. This is one of the glass slides I recently acquired for my collection of antique photographs and photographic memorabilia.
Coloured manually. Very difficult to get right and though I built up several layers of colours, the image still looks very flat due to the lack of detail on the more exposed side of the face. This is my third attempt at the colouring and I'm still not happy with the result. Practice, practice, practice, as they say. Time to put it aside for now. It's an image I shall revisit in the hopes that I can improve my skills and give her the make-over she deserves.
From my own collection. Circa 1910s, picture is of a young Maori woman known as Polly who acted as a guide in the Rotorua area taking visitors to see the Okere Falls.

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