Spectacular sunrise in Pahiatua

Spectacular sunrise in Pahiatua

This morning's sunset was spectacular, bathing everything in a orange glow.  I was out with my camera taking pictures, yet no matter hard one tries, it's simply not possible to do the scene justice.

I took a break from restoring work today to compile two panorama images from the photos I took, but alas, even after all the work I did in creating them, I still couldn't create an image that conveyed the awe of this morning.

I thought I would share with you the process so that you can have some insight into the creative process and get an idea of how Photoshop work really is part digital technology mastery and part art.

I spent some time taking art lessons with aspirations of becoming an artist. However, despite some talent and training, I find my art disappointing - it never turns out the way I picture it my head. Perhaps I'm too much of a perfectionist. Still, all those art lessons have proved valuable as I now use those principles in my Photoshop work. Whether you work with a brush and oils or a mouse and pixels, blending colours and textures works much the same, the same rules of perspective and proportion apply as well as the way light interacts wih the world.

Image One

These photos were taken first at the beginning of the sunrise and the lighting was consistent in all the shots. 

The consistent lighting made it easier for Photoshop's Photomerge AI to stitch these together, but it did create some perspective issues and some extra deck posts.

In then continued working on the image manually. I cloned out the eyesore deck posts and overlayed the original image of the shed to correct the perspective problem. Also cropped the ends off and adjusted lighting and saturation levels and voila, the completed image: 

All in all, just over an hour's work.

Image Two

These photos were taken several minutes later when the light was increasing quickly. I also took the far-left image last which is why the lighting is much brighter than the next image.

The differences in lighting made it near impossible for Photoshop Photomerge to stitch all the images together correctly, so instead I used the AI facility to stitch the middle photos together and then added the other photos on manually.

I then spent close to three hours blending the sky and clouds to remove the image seams as well as removing the deck posts and building on the righthand end of the image.  I also adjusted lighting and saturation.  

And there we have it.

Posted: Tue 16 Mar 2021



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