Unknown Family

Unknown Family
A satisfying restoration of another rescue.
I have no idea who these people are. I purchased the image from a seller on TradeMe who had no information about it and it arrived in a dreadful state - covered in dust, mold, and cobwebs. Looked like it had been abandoned in an attic or basement for years. It was mounted on cardboard backing, which thankfully copped most of the damage by mold and damp. (See my blog piece about it.)
The picture is quite large so I had to scan it in two pieces then stitched the two pieces together.
Other than the sad state of the picture, it didn't actually require a lot of restoration work - just repairing the hole over the boy's jacket and the woman's shawl and bottom of her dress, and general spot removal. Plus adjustment of lighting and colour correction. Around two hours' work.

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