Can I scan my photos myself to send to you for restoration?

Yes, you can scan your photos using your own scanner.  Just be sure to follow the guidelines below to ensure that you send us the highest quality scan you can.

Scan at a resolution of 600 dpi or higher in full colour RGB (even for black and white photos) and turn off all 'auto correction' and 'colour correction' options.

Save the scan as a JPEG at maximum or 100% quality setting

This should result in file that is about 6-7MB in size for a standard sized photo print.

The higher the resolution, the more detail the image has which gives us more to work with when restoring and colouring.

Why does my photo say the copyright belongs to you?

You may own the photo, but the original copyright belongs to the photographer who took the photo. 

Restoration, retouching and colouring work is a creative process and is unique to every restorer. The way I restore, retouch or colour images may be completely different to someone else's. I select the colours to use, I decide how to fix a blemish etc, therefore I am the creator of the restoration and therefore the copyright of the restored, retouched or coloured image belongs to me, not the owner of the image or the original photographer.

Can you print my photos for me?

Sorry, not at the moment. I do not have facilities for professional photographic printers. However, I am happy to arrange for your images to be printed via a third party if you request it.

How should I send my photos to you?

If you would like us to scan your photos for you, you will need to send them to us by post (not recommended) or courier, or drop them off.  

If your photos are already jpg files then you can email them directly to us at our email address: info@recollectionsphotorestoration.nz or save them to a CD/DVD disk or USB drive and send that to us by mail or courier.

Our office is home-based so you won't find our address on the website as we'd prefer clients didn't drop by unexpectedly. If you wish to send your images to us or drop them off please contact us first for the details or to book an appointment.

Why does resolution matter?

You will notice that we prefer you to send us images that have been scanned at a resolution of 300dpi or higher, preferably around 800dpi. We may also decline to do work on a low-resolution image if you intend for to print it out afterwards. 

All images, whether displayed on a screen or printed on paper are built up of thousands of tiny dots. The number of dots per inch (dpi) gives you the resolution. Screens display images at 72 dpi, however printers print images at 300dpi. So if you print out an image that was meant for screen it prints grainy and blurry, and won't be as sharp as the same image printed at 300dpi.

Resolution is also important if you want to enlarge an image.  If you try to enlarge a 72dpi image, it pixelates very quickly. The higher the resolution, the more you can enlarge the image before you start to lose detail. 

In the case of resolution, more is definitely better than less. You can always reduce the resolution, but you can't increase it. 


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