Restoration work: $45.00 per hour

  • Correction of light levels, exposure, contrast and brightness
  • Correction of faded colour and colour casts
  • Improving of sharpness and clarity
  • Removing dust, scratches and marks made by pen, sellotape etc.
  • Repairing damage made by water, mold, stains and creases
  • Repairing missing pieces, tears and distortion

AI-aided restoration: $10.00 per pass

Retouching work: $45.00 per hour

  • Correcting lighting and exposure problems.
  • Improving sharpness and clarity.
  • Fixing minor blur caused by camera shake.
  • Opening closed eyes.
  • Fixing facial features.
  • Turning frowns into smiles.
  • Clear-cutting subject onto blank transparency.
  • Changing or replacing backgrounds.
  • Changing or replacing subjects.
  • Creating panorama images.
  • Specialist graphic design effects.

Colouring work: $45.00 per hour

  • Convert colour image into black and white.
  • Enhance colours in a colour image.
  • Remove colour casts.
  • Convert a colour or black and white image to any two-tone colour image.
  • Add spot colour to black and white image.
  • Replace one colour with a different colour.
  • Colourise a black and white image. 

Scanning: $8.00 per scan

  • Photographic prints or documents (one scan per page) up to A4 in size.
  • Smaller prints can be grouped together in one scan - up to four standard photo size prints or more for vintage photo prints
  • Colour or black and white 35mm slides - up to four slides per scan
  • Colour or black and white 35mm negatives - up to two strips per scan
  • Medium format negatives - one strip per scan

All prices exclude GST

Discount of 10% for New Zealand museums and historical societies

Payment terms

Payment is to be made within seven (7) days of receipt of invoice unless otherwise agreed. Clients with regular ongoing work may request a monthly account. '

Clients will receive a watermarked thumbnail image of the completed work along with our invoice. Once payment is received we will send the full-size files with the watermark removed.

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